Top 5 Betting Sites in Australia for Jun 2024

Betting online is a very popular hobby in Australia. With that in mind, I have decided to do a detailed review of the top 5 bookmakers in the country in my opinion.

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Bet365: One of the Big Guys

One of the main reasons why I chose Bet365 as one of the top 5 bookmakers in Australia, and one of the main reasons why it is so popular, is probably the best selection of sports and markets among top bookies. In addition to this, they are extremely reliable and trustworthy since they operate all around the world, including the UK, Canada or other sports enthusiasts geo's.

Other great features of Bet365 include live streaming service, many payment methods and a well-designed mobile app. However, they could do a bit better in the odds department, although they are among the best in this area as well.

Extensive Sportsbook

One of the main advantages of Bet365 is the sheer volume of sports and markets that are offered to bettors. Bet365 provides more than 35 different sports, with many more leagues covered for each of the sports they offer. Of course, you will be able to find popular Australian sports here as well, like Aussie Rules football, horse racing, tennis, basketball, soccer, etc.

This operator is also among the best when it comes to the markets you can bet on. They have over 150 markets for some of the most popular sports, for example football.

Competitive Odds

Bet365 has a bookmaker margin of 5%, which is one of the lowest margins in Australia and the reason why Bet365 has great odds. While there are bookies with better odds out there, Bet365 has very competitive odds.

Satisfying User Experience

When you visit the Bet365, you are greeted with the well-known green, gray and yellow background that this operator is famous for. But there is substance to all that flash here as well since the website layout is simple and made to provide easy navigation between sections.

Placing a bet on the site is easy and quick, which is one of the most important things to consider when it comes to user experience.

Mobile Optimization & Responsiveness

Bet365 offers betting on the go, whether you want to download their app or visit their mobile website.

Mobile Application

You can download the app for both iOS and Android mobile devices. The Android app has to be downloaded directly on the website, while you can find the iOS app on the App Store.

The app is very similar to the website in design and comes with the same features and functionalities. It is easy to use and you can place bets, make deposits and withdrawals, watch live streams, contact customer support, etc.

Mobile Site

For those who don’t want to download the app, Bet365 also has a mobile-responsive website. This website is basically a scaled down version of the desktop website and you won’t notice many differences between the two.

Live Streaming Service

One of the reasons why I am so fond of this bookie lies in the live streaming service you can find on the Bet365 website. They have one of the most extensive offers of live streams for different sports, including soccer, basketball, tennis, etc.

The streams are free but you must have a funded account to watch them. You can also watch live games if you have placed a bet in the past 24 hours.

Under Australian law, we are required to inform you that Live Streaming on bet365 is exempt from Parts 3 and 4 of the Broadcasting Services (Online Content Service Provider Rules) 2018.

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My Mark of Bet365: 5

Neds: A Domestic Favorite

Although Neds is the youngest bookie on my list, it is deservedly among the top 5 bookmakers in Australia because they have a lot of great things to offer. They are also the only domestic bookie on my list – the rest are all international companies.

This fact makes Neds a domestic favorite and gives me another reason to like it. In addition to this, it is a reliable bookmaker that offers solid number of games and markets, live streaming, and other great benefits. One of the things I don’t like, however, is the small number of available payment methods, especially when it comes to e-wallets.

A Solid Sportsbook

Neds is a relatively new bookie since the website become operational just a few years ago. Despite this, Neds is competitive to the more established bookies in the sports and markets department.

You can find a great variety of sports at this bookie, including popular Ozzie sports like rugby, Australian Rules football, cricket, tennis, soccer, basketball, etc. However, the thing that Neds is most famous in Australia is horse racing, which is why they have an entire section dedicated to this sport.

Not the Best Odds

Although Neds is fairly competitive in the odds department as well, they aren’t really in position to offer odds as good as some more established bookies. The difference is not that big, of course, but it is still evident that Bet365 or Unibet have a significant advantage in this area.

Pleasing User Experience

Neds obviously paid attention to the most successful bookies and their website design, which is how they were able to create a very user-friendly layout that allows you to easily move from one section to another.

Their main menu is located on the left side of the homepage, where you can find all sports, horse racing and other important sections. The combination of orange and white colors make the background pleasing to the eye.

Mobile Optimization & Responsiveness

Like most bookies today, Neds also offers betting on the go both on the mobile responsive website and on the mobile app.

Mobile Application

The mobile app designed by this operator is available on both Android and iOS. You can find the download links for both of them on the Neds website, while you can also download the iOS app on the App Store.

The app uses the same branded colors for background and has a similar layout to ensure familiarity and ease of use for members who use both the website and the app to place their bets. The app isn’t stuffed with too many elements, so moving between sections is fairly simple and quick. Also, the app provides the same functions as the website, including making payments, placing a bet, watching live streams, etc.

Mobile Site

The Neds mobile website allows you to access all the games and place a bet directly from your browser instead of having to download the app. Other than that, the website is pretty much the same as the Neds app.

Live Streaming Service

Neds has recently improved their live streaming service, so that is a huge plus for them. However, they still mostly offer horse racing streams with only occasionally providing live streams of some other sport for their users. The streams are free as long as you have a funded account but some horse racing streams may actually require placing a bet first in order to watch the race.

My Mark of Neds: 4

Betfair: By the People, for the People

Betfair is not the same as all the traditional bookies on my list – they are actually a betting exchange. This means that they are only a middle-man between bettors who offer and accept odds and bets from each other.

That is probably my favorite thing about this operator, one that is available in many European countries, as well as across the Asia and Africa. This system means that you can find the best odds at Betfair, along with other great features like live streaming  However, it also means that the number of sports and market you can find here is fairly limited.

Not So Extensive Sportsbook

While Betfair offers a lot of different sports you can bet on, the fact that you need other bettors to provide or accept odds for the market you wish to bet on makes the selection of sports and markets at this betting exchange pretty limited.

While some of the most popular sports are usually covered with many markets, if you want to bet on some less popular sports you may not be able to find a bettor willing to offer or accept odds, in which case you won’t be able to place your bet.

The Best Odds

Since Betfair doesn’t depend on margins to make their profit but instead take a small commission from each bet on the website, they are able to let the odds be regulated by the bettors themselves. This is why no traditional bookie can match the odds you may find on a betting exchange.

Satisfactory User Experience

I have found the Betfair website to be pretty easy to navigate, with all the elements on the homepage presented in a logical, unassuming manner.

That being said, the fact that this website functions differently than most traditional bookies can be a bit confusing for a first-time user, although that has nothing to do with the website layout or functionality.

Mobile Optimization & Responsiveness

Like the rest of the bookies on my list of top 5 bookmakers in Australia, Betfair also offers a choice between the mobile site and the mobile app.

Mobile Application

The layout of the Betfair app is simple and intuitive, with the number of elements you can see on the homepage being kept to the minimum to provide easy navigation across the app.

However, placing a bet on the app is a bit more complicated compared to other mobile apps on my list, due to the fact that you don’t just select the odds but you have to actively ask or match them.

Of course, the app is available for download to both iOS and Android users.

Mobile Site

The mobile website version of Betfair is pretty similar to the desktop version and has the same features to offer to the bettors – making deposits and withdrawals, placing bets, watching live streams, etc.

Live Streaming Service

Betfair has a solid selection of live streams and they offers live streams of various sports, including soccer, tennis, basketball, etc. However, their live streaming service is mostly focused on horse and greyhound racing.

The streams are stable, high-quality and available for free if you have a funded account. However, some horse racing streams may only be available to users that have an active bet on the said race.

My Mark of Betfair: 4.5

Ladbrokes: The Best Horse Racing Experience

One of the oldest bookies in the world, Ladbrokes started off as a horse racing specialist and they remain true to that until this day. Of course, they have added much more to their horse racing offer and expanded in many other countries, including most of the EU countries, Australia and New Zealand.

What makes this operator one of the top 5 bookmakers in Australia is their extensive selection of sports, great horse betting experience and fair odds. Another useful feature that I like is their betting exchange. However, I would like to see more payment methods included, as well as a more extensive live streaming service.

A Rich Sportsbook

Ladbrokes has a very rich selection of sports and markets. It is pretty close to the best on the list in this department, Bet365, with around 30 sports you can bet on and many available markets for the most popular sports like soccer, tennis, basketball, rugby, cricket, etc.

In addition to this, Ladbrokes also has an extensive selection of horse and greyhound racing to offer, which is not surprising considering that they are a horse-racing specialist.

Fairly Competitive Odds

Ladbrokes has competitive and fair odds, although they are behind both Unibet and Bet365 in this regard. However, Ladbrokes also has a betting exchange on the website where you can find better odds for some games.

Acceptable User Experience

While the entire layout at the Ladbrokes website is rather intuitive, there are so many elements on the homepage and that can make it hard for some users to navigate the website.

I am also not a huge fan of their red and white background but once you get used to these things, you can move swiftly from one section to another on the site.

Mobile Optimization & Responsiveness

Ladbrokes provides options for mobile device users by offering both a mobile app and a mobile responsive website.

Mobile Application

You can get the Ladbrokes mobile app for both Android and iOS mobile devices. The app is designed well, offering a similar user experience as the website.

This means that you can bet on the same sports and markets, place a bet in the same way, watch live streams on the app, contact customer support, etc. In addition to this, the app is perhaps even easier to navigate than the website itself.

Mobile Site

You can also visit the Ladbrokes website from your mobile device since they have a mobile-responsive version for their mobile users. This website is practically the same as the desktop website and I haven’t noticed any differences between the two.

Live Streaming Service

Ladbrokes also offers live streaming to its bettors but they are not as great in this area as some other bookies on my list. They don’t offer live streams for many sports but their coverage of horse and greyhound racing is quite impressive.

As usual, you also need to have a funded account or a settled bet in the previous 24 hours if you want to watch live broadcasts at Ladbrokes.

My Mark of Ladbrokes: 4

Unibet: The Odds Champion

Unibet is another international bookie that is very popular in Australia. They are available to most of the EU residents, as well as many African countries and Canada. My impression is that they are not only among the top 5 bookmakers in Australia but also across the globe.

One of the things I appreciate the most about this bookie are the great odds they are able to provide to their bettors. In addition to this, they also offer a wide selection of sports and markets, great live streaming selection and a few different payment methods, although they only have PayPal as an e-wallet option.

Good Selection at the Sportsbook

While Unibet can’t really compete with Bet365 in this regard, they do provide more than 25 different sports you can bet on. The selection includes many popular sports like soccer, basketball, tennis, golf, Australian Rules football, etc. They also have an entire section dedicated to horse racing only.

When it comes to markets, Unibet falls somewhere between Bet365 and Neds – meaning that they have a solid number of different markets but not the best selection when it comes to bookies in Australia.

Extremely Competitive Odds

What Unibet lacks in the number of sports and markets available, they make it up with great odds. Unibet is one of the best bookies in Australia when it comes to odds and they even surpass Bet365 in some specific markets and sports.

Enjoyable User Experience

Unibet layout offers a sports navigation panel on the left, while the center position of the homepage is reserved for markets & odds. The betslip appears as a popup box when you select the market to bet on.

The entire design of the website is pretty straightforward and easy to follow, so you won’t need much time to find any game that you wish to bet on. To make the matters even simpler, there is a section with popular sports that most bettors like to play, so it takes even less time than usual to find those sports and games.

Mobile Optimization & Responsiveness

Unibet has both the mobile app and a mobile responsive website where you can place a bet on the move.

Mobile Application

The Unibet mobile app can be downloaded for both iOS and Android, the same way as all the previous bookies in my list.

The app is sleek and modern – perhaps the best looking app of all that I have used. However, that doesn’t mean that the focus was solely on looks since the app is also fully functional and easy to use. There is an easy to understand layout that allows users to quickly move from one section to another, as well as place the bet in a timely manner.

The app also offers live streaming, allows you to make deposits and withdrawals and provides other important features just like the website.

Mobile Site

In addition to the app, Unibet also provides a mobile responsive website to those users that don’t like to download apps to their mobile devices. The website is pretty much the same as the desktop version and, other than the smaller resolution and a few mobile-friendly tweaks, it doesn’t have any significant differences from the main website.

Live Streaming Service

Unibet has a great live steams service called Unibet TV that you can easily access by simply clicking on the Unibet TV button located in the main menu. This service offers a wide selection of sports you can watch, including soccer, basketball, tennis and many more.

To be able to watch live streams on Unibet TV you need to have a funded account or you must have a bet placed on the site in the previous 24 hours.

My Mark of Unibet: 4.5

The Best Feature of Each Operator

Bet365 – If I had to choose one thing that I like the most about Bet365, it would be their extensive selection of different sports and markets you can bet on.

Neds – Perhaps the best feature that Neds has to offer to its user is the Live Streaming feature and the ability to choose from a wide range

Betfair – Without any doubt, the best feature of Betfair is the ability to provide great odds on certain matches.

Ladbrokes – The one thing where Ladbrokes truly excels is the horse racing experience, including their expertise that they share with their users.

Unibet – The best feature of Unibet is the great live streaming service, the Unibet TV.


While all the sports betting operators I have covered come with unique strengths and weakness, I would without any hesitation recommend them all. However, if I had to choose the best bookmaker in Australia, my choice would be Bet365.

This operator doesn’t have any major shortcomings, while they excel in many different areas. In those areas where they are not best, they are among the best. Overall, they offer the best sports betting experience of all Australian bookmakers.