Best Betting Apps Australia

Since Australian users have different preferences, we have the top 5 best betting apps with a broad spectrum of features to accommodate as many options as possible. 

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Accompanying each bookmaker in our list is a comprehensive analysis that will help you land the perfect choice for you. Read on!

The possibilities of you getting a betting app are endless, especially with this mobile age. The more daunting task is always landing one that truly meets your betting needs and expectation. 

We understand the struggle and for this reason, this post will point you in the right direction of the best betting apps bespoke for your betting needs. 



Let's admit it, Bet365 is among the top bookmakers across the globe. Featuring a sleek yet robust app is everything you have always wanted. For this reason, Bet365 Australia is a great choice and sits at the top of our preference list. 

Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned pundit, you surely know the vast amount of content that they have to offer. 

Their robust app accommodates each one of the options without a hitch. It is fair to acknowledge that this one of the easiest apps to use for newbies. 

What stands out with this bookmaker is the live stat tracking of any running bet in your account. 

As far as live tracking, you have two options, first off, you could live stream any sporting event right from your phone or you follow up on the stat interface which is just as accurate. 

If you don’t have a running bet, you also get to enjoy this service provided you have a funded account and you are logged in. 

That is why we cannot stress enough the importance of having an account in the first place. It is mind shuttering just how much can be done on this app.

Under Australian law, we are required to inform you that Live Streaming on bet365 is exempt from Parts 3 and 4 of the Broadcasting Services (Online Content Service Provider Rules) 2018.

Betting markets

Despite having a UK origin, Bet365 has a variety of betting markets specific to the Australian sporting scene including AFL and NRL betting. 

Also because of their origin, you should expect a focus on the huge soccer betting market. 

If you take a closer look at the depth of betting markets and leagues accommodated in this app, Bet365 is as good as you can get. 

Lastly, a betting app is nowhere near perfect without incorporating some amazing features.

The user-friendly design and good bet functions make this app a giant in the betting and indeed a top contender in the Australian bookmakers.  

PointsBet app

Pointsbet review

PointsBet is another top contender in the bookie world. If you wish to break away from the big corporate brands, you should take a look at his recent app. 

Having both a web and mobile app platform, this bookmaker is ideal for those who wish to place bets on their websites whilst on the go. 

What does having the app on your phone actually mean to you? You get to experience the convenience of placing bets anywhere provided you have a phone. 

The app itself is really easy to navigate around. The black and red theme is easy on the eye and quite inviting too. 

PointsBet has made the app available for both IOS and Android versions for everyone to take full advantage of. 

Away from that, let’s get into the nitty-gritty details of this new bookie.

Mobile Betting Options

Betting markets is usually the most fundamental part when considering a bookie to go with. In this respect, PointsBet surely doesn’t disappoint. 

The Melbourne based bookie offers a myriad of betting markets to choose from not only in Australia but also across the globe. 

So joining Pointbet means that you get to engage in markets that are native to Australia and also those minor leagues for example darts among others. 

Talk about race betting, this app’s racing feature is second to none, with markets within and out of Australia, you will indeed have a good time giving it a shot. 

Tip English premier league and the NBA are quite big on PointsBet daily specials

Spread bet feature

Unique to this bookie, comes the spread betting feature that will definitely keep you on the edge and improve your chances of winning big every time you place a bet. 

Contrary to fixed odds, you don’t really know how much you stand to lose or gain. The more your odds are correct the more you stand to gain, otherwise, you stand to lose more. 

While this can play out in, either way, we all know that great risk comes great rewards. 

In this age of stats and data together with vast knowledge in your sport of interest, you can easily walk away with great returns  

Together with other betting features, spread betting is here with us, this is a great way of getting that good return as an appreciation of your vast knowledge in your chosen sport of choice. 

 Despite not having live streaming and stats on the app, Points bet is a good place to start and grow whether as a junior or an avid punter. 

Betfair app

Betfair Australia betting app

Betfair has been around for quite some time now having made inception in the Australian bookmakers market back in 2005. 

They have managed to become among the largest and most reputable brands out there. 

Like any other seasoned bookie, Betfair has a mobile app that brings the betting excitement and experience on your handy device. 

This app is simple enough for anyone who doesn’t know the intricacies of betting to figure their way around. Yeah, that’s how simple the app really is. 

Let’s get to know more about the Betfair Exchange first!

Mobile Betting Exchange options

Any accomplished bookmaker provides enough betting markets to accommodate every punter. Similarly, Betfair has vast and a variety of markets across the globe. 

Whatever sports scene you want to bet in, be sure to find it here. Unlike any other firm in the betting scene, they have diversified their traditional sportsbook and incorporated their very own “betting exchange”.  

But what is a betting exchange? Different from other sites where bookmakers set the fixed odds, here you get to be your own bookmaker. 

In simple terms, punters bet against each other, and from the proceeds of the winner, Betfair takes a percentage of the amount. 

You have the option of playing as the bookmaker ‘lay’ or ‘back’ where you are against the bookmaker. 

Betting with Betfair means that as a learning punter you get to wager on the conventional betting options as you learn the betting exchange. 

However, as a professional who engages in betting exchange, reap the full benefit of this arrangement since odds are usually determined by the betting public. It is important to acknowledge that not every market is open for betting exchange, especially for the less popular games. 

Betting exchange requires punters to lay bets for you to back them. Despite having ventured and diversified into so many markets, racing is arguably the leading betting market. 

Betfair has provided the bookmaker and betting exchange options on horse racing in a bid to attract even more punters. 

Betfair has ensured that you get everything on the app exactly as it is on their website. You get to earn every promotion and bonus in the app as you would on the website. 

With Betfair, you get two separate apps for betting exchange and their traditional sportsbook. This shouldn’t be a problem since both apps are available for IOS and android devices. 

Featuring the betting exchange feature and live streaming events straight from the mobile app, you will surely want for nothing in the betting realm. 

Ladbrokes Australia best betting app

Ladbrokes referral code NSN250

This UK based bookie made its debut in the Aussie market in 2013 and is already making a name for themselves. 

Ladbroke is a tried and tested bookmaker since it has been in the game long before making the necessary shift to the Australian market. 

The company focus on horse racing had them branch out to Australia because of how big horse racing is in the country.

About the app

The Ladbrokes app is among the best there is. This app is built for smooth navigation and also has an inbuilt design too enhance speed. 

For any advanced punter out there, you know that speed is your friend for two main reasons. To begin with, no one wants an app that takes ages to load. 

If you have used the Ladbrokes website before, you cannot help but notice the striking resemblance with the site. If you have used it before, then you should not have a problem navigating through the app. 

However, if this is your first time, let me take you through really quick. The app uses a rather simplistic design having the main menu subdivided into 4 main sections; Racing Sports Novelty and Promotions. 

A quick slide to the right leads you straight to your account information where you can keep track of your balances among other personal things. 

Get the full menu on the left of your screen with highlights on the days, racing among other key features.

Betting market

When betting markets are in question, it goes without saying that Ladbrokes has its focus on Horse racing. 

It is fair to acknowledge that they certainly are ahead of the curve when it comes to horse racing with clearly the best odds and a wide range of features in this single category. 

However, this is not to mean that Ladbrokes do not have other markets. Despite their focus on the Australian horse racing they also have other sport betting markets although not as many as other bookies.  

Any bookmaker wouldn’t be complete without a well laid down payment options. Deposits and withdrawals have been made easy and straight forward. 

Ladbrokes is known to be among the fast paying bookies in the country. You will love how fast it is to withdraw money once you have won. 

As if that isn’t enough, it is satisfying to know that Ladbrokes pays to the interim winner in the event that the race is canceled. 

However, remember that this only applies to horse racing matchups. 

Ladbrokes are surely outdoing themselves when it comes to horse racing markets. 

Their fast and modern app is second to none and will go a long way in giving you an edge every time you consider placing a bet.

Neds mobile betting app

Neds mobile betting apps is indeed a solid alternative if functionality, markets and customer service is anything to go by. 

Although still at its infancy stage, this agency is not here to play as you will see on your fast glance either on the website or their application. 

You will be pleased to know that Neds provides for pre-match markets.

Despite the Australian sporting scene taking the center of focus in this agency, there are a variety of European games for you to choose from. 

About the app   

At first glance, you will realize that the user interface is a treat to the eye with so much attention and thought given to the structure. 

The functionality is off the charts, navigation is so smooth and you have every resource in the touch of a button. 

While it is necessary to have the app, the mobile website is also more than adequate. 

As you may expect, Neds offers a myriad of sport betting markets, from the loved English premier league right down to surfing events that are not so popular with many bookies. 

Closer to home, the Australian sporting events such as AFL, NRL, and super rugby are adequately represented. Be sure to find good odds on these games. 

Every punter is always concerned with the payment options different agencies provide. 

Nonetheless, it is quite impressive to see that Neds have provided several depositing options including instant payment options and also those that require a three-day period example being bank transfers. 

Neds is a pretty new agency and has proven that can compete at top levels with those big bookmakers in Australia. 

Despite lacking features like live matches, Neds works exceptionally well and there is always room for improvement.

Why you need a betting app

  • Applications are the next frontier and that will revolutionize the gambling scene even further. Think about it, considering that most mobile applications are at their infancy stage and capable of this level of functionality, possibilities are endless for the foreseeable future. 
  • A well-crafted and optimized mobile application works relatively well as compared to the website. However, you won’t be able to use features like live chat which are usually found on the agency website, but most punters would still work well without this feature. 
  • Mobile applications come with notification features that will alert you to different events. On an app, you will get a notification when an event is about to begin or when you have won among other events. This is not possible on the website meaning you will have to constantly keep tabs and refreshing the site often. With an app, you also get to be logged in longer as compared to the website.

Disadvantages of apps

  • Mobile applications often require updates from time to time, this can present whole new problems to those with older phones. We all know that some apps require the latest software that is not in every device.
  • Robust application takes a toll on the battery life of mobile devices which requires frequent charging as compared to the use of websites. 


By now you surely have made a sound decision in the right betting application for you. 

All the reviewed applications meet the necessary threshold for any good betting app considering fundamental factors. 

It is important however to recognize that applications have revolutionized the betting scene in all the good ways. 

Betting apps have proven to have great functionality and structure making betting easier and way more accessible unlike what we have been using before. 

Since mobile applications can only get better we should also expect greater things forthcoming. 

However, we shouldn’t get rid of websites just yet. many still work perfectly, but when it comes to the crème de la crème, betting apps stands head and shoulders above the rest. 

Having said that, betting websites are also here with us and anyone predicting doom for them in the near future is simply jumping the gun.