Bet365 vs Ladbrokes vs Betfair: Australian betting sites comparison

Bet365, Ladbrokes, and Betfair are equated as three of the biggest operators globally. They pride themselves in the huge following they command, wide regions they operate in and products & services they offer to players. Australia is one recipient that has seen all the operators mentioned above operating in the country. I decided to compare them all and see which one toppled the other on different grounds including the sports and some of the features they offered.

Disclaimer: The daily specials, referral codes, and registration links are not aimed at players from the NSW region, in tune with the new NSW regulations. The NSW players are not eligible for the same. 

How I registered at Bet365 Australia


Bet365 Australia registration process was quite easy. Here is the step-to-step guide on the process I followed;

  • On my browser, I followed the link
  • This opened up the site’s landing page where I would fill in the prompts
  • I clicked on the top-right option ‘Join’
  • The following are some of the details I filled in;
    • Country
    • Full name & Date of Birth
    • Email address & Contact number
    • Address (Street number & name and postcode)
    • Username and Password
    • Security Number
    • I also set a deposit limit
    • I set my preferences; on how I wanted to receive their offers (notification, text message, email, and messages in Bet365)
  • Preferred time zone and odds display
  • Referral code – 365PLAY (this code is not a bonus code, and does not grant any additional offers)
  • I completed the process on the ‘Join Bet365’ option

How I registered at Ladbrokes Australia

Just like Bet365, The registration with the Ladbrokes Australia referral code NSN50 was not strenuous. I took a few minutes and this is the simple guide I followed;

  • I followed the link
  • I clicked on the option ‘Join’ and started filling up my details
  • They included my;
    • Referral code
    • Title, Full Name, and Email Address
    • Username and Password
    • Date of Birth, Mobile Number, and Address
    • Weekly deposit limit
  • I completed the process on the ‘Create Account’ option

How I registered at Betfair Australia

Below are the steps I followed while creating an account with Betfair;

  • I followed the link
  • While on the landing page, I clicked on the black ‘Join Now’ option on the top-right
  • A pop-up page was presented requiring me to fill some of the details
  • They included;
    • Gender, Full Name, and Date of Birth
    • Country, Address, and Mobile Number
    • Email Address and Password
    • Security Question
    • Currency of choice
    • Deposit limit and period
    • The Code if any.
  • I finished up the process at the ‘Join Now’ option

After making my first deposit on all the platforms, I was ready to make wagers on the various sports offered.

Best Sportsbook & Odds – Betfair wins


With many bookmakers coming up, choosing the best is sometimes a huge task. However, among the many factors I look for in a bookmaker, the selection of games stands out. For this reason, I reviewed the sports offered and the odds they offered as a platform.

Bet365 Australia

Bet365 Australia came out as impressive in many aspects. I was welcomed to a platform that had more than 30 sports to offer. In comparison to other platforms, this came out on top. I was delighted with the huge betting possibilities presented in some of the sports including Horse Racing, Harness Racing, and Greyhounds which are highly rated sports in Australia. Still, on it, the platform offered winter sports which were unique as compared to other bookmakers I came across in Australia.

I was also impressed with the odds section. The betting margins were not the best which translated to average returns. However, the racing events, Soccer, and Basketball boasted among the best odds. What stood out was the factors put in place to help improve the odds. Among the factors included a variety of betting options and betting markets which I appreciated.  

Ladbrokes Australia

Ladbrokes was not far behind. They had offered 26 different sports excluding racing events. Like Bet365, I was delighted with the politics section offered and was further impressed with the Novelty section offered. This section allowed me to bet on Award events coming up including the Oscars and Nobel Peace Prize. I would also bet on Television shows such as Rick and Morty Season 4 and music-related stuff such as ARIA Awards and Triple J Hottest 100.

Aside from those, I was able to access the top and popular leagues, events, competitions, tournaments, and challenges both in Australia and outside of Australia. Some of them include; NBA, EFL Carabao Cup, MLB, A-League, Rugby World Cup, English Premier League (EPL), Spanish La Liga, German Bundesliga, French Ligue 1, NFL, NBL, ATP/WTP, NHL, and more.

The odds offered were competitive with average betting margins on various sports such as Soccer.  The markets were huge further increasing my chances of winning on the platform. Some Soccer games had markets going above 170. This was incredible!

Betfair Australia

Betfair came out on top for one unique reason. It is the biggest betting exchange platform in Australia and outside of Australia. It brought a whole different dimension of betting. It did not come as a bookmaker as no fixed odds were offered. Being an exchange, I would trade odds as I bet against an opponent. I would either back a team on the blue or lay a team on the red. Betfair would later take a 5% commission on the winnings I would have made. 

Betfair stood out on the odds section since I would get better odds as compared to the other bookmakers with fixed odds. This gave me lots of benefits. The best odds, however, were offered on the racing events as well as Soccer events. MMA and the likes of Chess did not guarantee me any big odds. The avenue to request the odds of my choice also stood out. This, however, did not mean that they would be matched up. But in the case they were not matched up, I would get my stake back. 

Betfair Australia offered 28 different sports which was quite impressive. The exchange paid much attention to racing events which was laudable. Winter sports were also offered which included Skiing and Biathlon. I was also interested in the financial bets they offered where I would bet on USA Interest Rates, Australian Interest Rates, Bitcoin Specials, and more. Other top sports included; Baseball, Basketball, Darts, Golf, Rugby Union, Rugby League, Soccer, and Tennis.

  • Bet365 Australia – 4.5/5
  • Ladbrokes Australia – 4.2/5
  • Betfair Australia – 4.7/5

Bet365 Australia vs Ladbrokes vs Betfair: Additional features

Aside from the sports offered on the platforms, I was also interested in finding out some of the features the platforms had. They included;

Best Live streaming in Australia 

Ladbrokes logo

Live streaming is arguably one of the most appreciated features and yet sought after. This is also one feature I looked forward to accessing on the platforms. All platforms except one scored a positive mark on this section for offering the feature to the players.

Bet365 Australia offered the feature at the option ‘live streaming’ placed on the landing page. Once I toggled the option, I was led to a page where I would see the live games being streamed and the games that were scheduled for streaming. The graphics were top-notch and as the bookmaker had set out, I needed to have a funded account or an account that had placed a bet in the past 24 hours.

I also wanted to find out if the feature was available on the mobile platform. I was thrilled to know that with my phone, I would also stream the games and watch the action live as it happened. Bet365 certainly took the accolade for the wide range of coverage they boasted. In a year, Bet365 would stream over 140,000 games. Among the games they streamed included; Soccer, Horse Racing, Greyhounds, Ice Hockey, Tennis, Golf, Table Tennis, Darts, Rugby Union, Snooker, Basketball, Volleyball, and Badminton.

Ladbrokes, on the other hand, also offered the feature and through it, I would access various Australian and International sports offered on the platform. I would look for events with the option ‘Watch live’ provided my account had a positive balance. As opposed to many bookmakers, I did not need to have an account that had placed a bet. Among the games, I was able to stream Basketball especially the NBA, Tennis, Soccer, and more.

Betfair offered the feature to customers from other regions except for customers from Australasian regions (Australia, New Zealand, and the neighbors)

  • Bet365 Australia – 4.7/5
  • Ladbrokes Australia – 4/5
  • Betfair Australia – 0/5

Under Australian law, we are required to inform you that Live Streaming on bet365 is exempt from Parts 3 and 4 of the Broadcasting Services (Online Content Service Provider Rules) 2018.


Best Sports Mobile Application in Australia 

I am a phone fanatic which makes it rare for me to sit in front of a desktop. For this reason, I always lookout for a platform that offers its services in both versions (desktop and mobile). What’s more, the experience should be effortless and more or less the same as compared to the desktop. I was delighted to find out that all the platforms had a mobile platform where I would access the products and services through my browsers or an app.

Bet365 offered the same number of games they had offered on the platform and the best part was the friendliness of the platform. The mobile site version and the app version all seemed similar. Since the screen size is non-comparable to a desktop, the technology behind it ensured that everything fitted perfectly with no crowding on the lobby. The fonts, colours, and graphics were high quality and the whole experience was generally pleasing.

Ladbrokes also offered the same option. I would view all the games offered, the different betting types, and make my wagers. The layout was friendly and so were the navigation tools fitted on the app. Everything was simple to understand and I liked the emphasis Ladbrokes had put on security which was crucial especially with the rising cases of fraud.

Betfair also stood out as the first platform offering betting exchange on mobile devices. The various games, markets, and bet types were incorporated on the platform. I would also access the price graphs the same way as I did on the desktop where I would see several factors like price fluctuations, percentage chances, and so on.

The mobile platform in all the operators stood out for these general factors. I would;

  • Deposit and withdraw funds
  • Contact customer support
  • Live stream (Except Betfair)
  • Access the games, different markets, and betting types
  • Get offer notifications
  • Access sections like Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy.
  • Bet365 Australia – 4.3/5
  • Ladbrokes Australia – 4.0/5
  • Betfair Australia – 4.5/5

Final Thoughts: Which-One to choose and why?

These are three of the most known operators worldwide but also in Australia. It is true that it is hard to choose between the three as we saw throughout my review. What I recommend is the following: if you are a new player, choose bet365, if you are a fan of horse racing and mobile betting, then choose Ladbrokes, if you are an experienced bettor then choose Betfair since it is more complicated but it has a lot to offer.

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  • This review is based on a personal experience of Bet365.
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  • Disclaimer: This information was valid at the time of writing, for the latest updates please visit Bet365 platforms.