Melbourne Cup 2024 – Predictions and Top Betting Sites in Australia

These are our selections for the top Melbourne Cup betting sites available for Aussie punters now.

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Top 10 Bookmakers in Australia for Betting on Melbourne Cup

The Melbourne Cup is regarded on par with some of the top thoroughbred races. Unsurprisingly, it is the best horse racing event in Australia so much so that it is labelled as the “race that stops a nation”. Australia is blessed to have a large selection of betting sites that cover almost every sport. Yet, there are certain options that specialise in major events like the Melbourne Cup. Aussie punters are better off choosing these bookmakers, as they would be getting better prices, wider selection, and great support.


Bet365 is a renowned betting platform in the industry. It has a huge reputation around the world for its coverage, depth of markets, and features. There is not a significant difference in the Australian version, which places a lot of importance on horse races. Unsurprisingly, the Melbourne Cup is at the top of the priority list. The range of markets available for an Aussie punter is excellent, while the odds in the horseracing section are better compared to the odds in the sports section. The betting interface may appear confusing initially, but it becomes intuitive within a few minutes.

SportsBet is a specialist in Australia when it comes to horse racing. The Melbourne Cup is a key competition for SportsBet alongside the Caulfield Cup, Cox Plate, and Championships. The betting markets for a race are typically available a few days ahead of schedule. This is good news for punters looking to get early value. The major competitions are especially a hotbed for receiving exotic betting opportunities from SportsBet, and they include specials like jockey challenges. Furthermore, punters will be getting several other sports betting opportunities. The punter can also add or withdraw funds faster due to support for different payment options.


BetEasy was born out of an alliance from CrownBet and William Hill Australia. Now, this 100% Aussie brand specialises in horse races even if it also provides a sports betting section. There is also a great deal of focus on greyhound races. The racing section features an interface that makes it a breeze to navigate and find markets. There are betting features that make it a lot easier for punters to create a racing multi. Furthermore, this operator has an aggressive policy towards the live streaming of horse races. The odds available are also quite generous.


Betfair Australia is a renowned betting exchange that provides a platform for punters to take on each other rather than go up against a sportsbook as such. The obvious advantage is felt in the prices, which are among the best around. An exchange and bookmaker options are available for the horseracing section. All users will be getting access to a brilliant customer service team, while there are plenty of the deposit/withdrawal options. The lack of markets well ahead in advance could be one of the few issues.


Unibet is a reputed brand that has been in the business for several decades. The parent company entered into the Australian market not too long. Now, the brand has a set of customers thanks to a special focus on horse races around the globe. The interface is well laid out and it can offer a pleasing experience to punters. The punter also gets the option of watching live broadcast, replays, or highlights of various sporting events.


PlayUp is a relative newcomer to the world of sportsbooks in Australia. It has a huge collection of sports and racing markets. However, it manages to separate itself from the competition by virtue of offering a strong fantasy sports product. The process of placing a bet with PlayUp will be a pleasurable experience. The modern nature of this betting site is apparent from the fresh design along with faster load times. Even though a huge number of payment options are not available, they are just about adequate.


Neds is another betting site that has a decent focus on horse racing in Australia. A lot of effort has been put into enhancing the betting system for horse races. There are different options available like fixed odds, future betting, and tote betting. Even though Neds is not great when it comes to the value on sports bets, there are plenty of markets to keep punters engaged. The usual payment options are supported by Neds, which is a 100% Aussie owned brand with a modern design.


PointsBet is a spread betting platform that has been around since 2017. This is the only example of a bookmaker in Australia to provide spread betting, which can be incredibly rewarding or very risky depending on the situation. As per the risk, punters will be getting better payouts. The selection of betting markets is quite good at PointsBet, but the option of spread betting makes a lot of difference even when betting on horse races. The availability of limited support to payment options is one of the few hindrances.


TAB is a huge sportsbook with a large number of wagering customers in the books. They are able to get access to numerous betting markets on horse races. Unsurprisingly, the Melbourne Cup is covered in great detail well ahead in advance. The biggest advantage with TAB would be the option to live stream different races and sporting events. Apart from being able to stream almost every horse race, punters can also get access to AFL broadcasts and more.


This is a 100% Australian-owned sportsbook that handles several betting markets. The operator has more than three decades of experience in the industry. Even though the biggest focus of BlueBet does not lie in horse racing, there are enough markets to keep a horse racing punter excited. There may not be the focus into every horse race around the world, but Melbourne Cup is covered in detail. The layout coupled with the colours used on the homepage can make for pleasurable user experience.

Betting Types and Odds Available for Melbourne Cup

melbourne cup

One of the key criteria is when selecting a Melbourne Cup betting site would be the markets available and the quality of odds. The odds can easily be differentiated into two elements – fixed and pari-mutuel. It is possible to witness one type being adopted by a sportsbook, but there are also betting sites that provide both options.

The fixed odds will remain the same until the race begins. This is commonly associated with the established brands who were present even before online betting became prevalent. Irrespective of the interests from other punters, these betting sites will allow a punter to choose a favourite horse at fixed odds.

Meanwhile, the pari-mutuel odds are quite dynamic and they are frequently changed depending on the scale of interest. If a large group of punters are placing money on a specific horse, this can lead to a drop in prices before the races kick-off.

There are also different betting types available during the Melbourne Cup. They are:

Futures Betting

The futures market is one of the first options to open up for those keen on Melbourne Cup odds, as it typically begins immediately after the conclusion of the previous year’s event. A number of fancy odds are available as part of the futures market. The standard options include the win and place bets. Crucially, each way is available as an option. The futures market can be quite risky since the stake is at risk if the chosen horse does not make it to the event due to injuries or other reasons.

Each Way/Win/Place

The casual punters make an entrance into Melbourne Cup betting markets when the final declarations take place. The popular options happen to be each way, win, and place bets. Even though different types of markets available, it is better to go with the fixed odds being offered by some of the established names like Unibet. This is the time to choose odds that have the best price, as only this action will maximise returns

Exotic Bets

  • Exacta – Betting on the top two horses of a race in the exact order
  • Trifecta – Betting on the top three horses of a race in the exact order
  • Superfecta – Betting on the top four horses of a race in the exact order
  • Daily Double – Picking the winning horse in consecutive races
  • Pick 3 – Identifying the winners of three consecutive races

All these exotic betting options have the potential to give big returns for a very small stake. However, these are also very risky options. The risk factor goes down substantially when a punter is not required to identify the correct order of finish. Due to this reason, the likes of Quinella take precedence. The Quinella is just like the exacta but punters need not pick the order of finish. The scale of returns is immense, as the exacta can even pay out $2000 for just a $1 stake.

Match Betting

The market to find the winner of the race has an enormous amount of interest, but bookmakers can create a match within a match using this betting type. A bookmaker will be grouping a couple of horses and create a new match betting market. For example, four or five horses may be together into a match and the punter only has to pick a winner among this group. It is possible to find numerous alternates in this regard, as almost every bookmaker has a presence. A number of mismatches also occur and this can throw up some excellent betting options.

Things to Consider When Choosing Melbourne Cup Betting Site

Quality of Odds

This would undoubtedly rank as the most important facet for a betting site dealing with the Melbourne Cup. Even though the futures market for this event would begin well in advance, the process of betting on individual matches would be in a short span of time. The prices offered by a bookmaker have a major role to play in the choices being taken by a punter. Due to the availability of several odds comparison tools, punters can easily make the switch to a top betting site without second thoughts. The quality of odds also needs to be backed by a strong set of markets.

Technical Prowess

There is a lot of excitement going through a punter when signing up with a Melbourne Cup betting site, but most of the signups would be made without even understanding the site. Even though the design may appear interesting superficially, it can reveal a different story. It is quite possible for a good-looking site to be a nightmare to navigate through the myriad options available for this competition. The technical reliability is very crucial in the world of betting, as punters do not want the site to be frequently undergoing maintenance or take a long time to load even on mediocre networks.

If a site is unreliable, it takes away the fun of betting and it induces a lot of stress into the punter. Among the different parameters that come under technical reliability, the mobile-friendliness of the site is very crucial. Apart from possessing an app, the top sites need to have a well-designed mobile version to allow wagers from a smartphone.

Customer Support

Many of the options in the betting industry may claim to offer customer support through different means, but the extended wait times would often negate the need for these services. The best betting sites for Melbourne Cup, meanwhile, will be providing a dedicated representative for one particular account. This significantly increases response times, while the representative would also have a greater knowledge of the account. The lack of a governing body, which functions to take any complaints, for these online betting sites can result in a lackadaisical approach.

Payment Options

It is essential that a Melbourne Cup betting site provides different payment options. The process of funding an account is made easy only with support for multiple payment options. Each individual is different and they may be subjected to different fees, regulations, and other parameters. The presence of an option increases the likelihood of being able to make a comfortable deposit.

The withdrawal options also have to be excellent so as to retrieve the funds as soon as possible. Apart from the support for standard features like credit cards, the best betting site will also have to provide support for e-wallets like PayPal. Even though bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies have made a lot of noise in the online casino segment, they are yet to become prevalent in the online betting space.

Betting Apps

The presence of a betting app for smartphones and tablets is a crucial factor. Even though live betting is not available online in Australia, some betting sites also allow users to watch live streams. The apps are usually available for two of the most popular mobile operating systems – iOS and Android.

Other Sports Betting Options

There has been a lot of growth when it comes to the betting industry, which now allows the option to bet on almost every sporting event – including college and professional sports. The legal betting options have opened the door in terms of possibilities. The betting sites that deal with Melbourne Cup typically do not end of their association with horse racing, as other sports are also covered. The coverage is limited, in some cases, to a handful of popular sports like football and rugby. There is also a greater amount of focus on Australian leagues and tournaments.

FAQs about Melbourne Cup Betting Sites in Australia

When do bookmakers offer betting markets on the Melbourne Cup?

Melbourne Cup is the premier racing event in Australia, and bookmakers provide markets on the event at least 12 months before the start of the race.

Is it safe to bet on the Melbourne Cup?

Yes, sportsbooks in Australia take the safety of the punters rather seriously. A number of techniques are used to enhance safety and this primarily includes SSL encryption amongst other elements.

At what time does the Melbourne Cup start?

The Melbourne Cup is scheduled to open the gates on November 3 at 3 PM.

What is the distance of the Melbourne Cup race?

Horses compete over 3200 m or 1.988 miles at the Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne.

How many horses take part in the Melbourne Cup?

This competition is limited to a maximum of 24 horses due to safety concerns. In the past, however, the Melbourne Cup has witnessed as much as 39 horses back in 1890.